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I have number of questions which all relate to acid bird poop.

I have a Black Sapphire car and it has become a target for high flying Geese that I have in the area. The damn things seem to be targeting the car, however I degress.

I have read a number of posting on the subject and there are a number of opinions of how to deal with the mess the bird left behind. In my case the hood got hit and the car was sitting out in the sun for a while after it happen. I cleaned it off with water and noice it left a mark. I tried a few simple things with no luck. So I got a bit agressive hit it with rubbing compond and polish and it seemed to work, but a few days later the marks showed up again. Recently, I had the car in for servicing and asked the dealer to take a wack at it and they tried with no luck. They said the clear coat is etched.

The interesting thing is I have other cars which are not black but have clear coat and they have been hit and I did not clear off right away and never see this problem on them, and one is a dark red and it shows everything.

So my question is the only thing left to do is wet color sand with 1500 or 2000 grit and buff it all out. Or is there something else I can do, I really do not want to wet sand the car, I am not afraid to do this, since I use to restore cars and spend hundred of hours color sanding cars.

I have some other questions, I read it was a good ideal to waste the poop off with a mix of water and alcohol or vinegar, what exaclt does this do, and should I keep a bottle of this in car since the cars keeps getting hit.

Next thing is the clay block I have read about, again what exactly does this do for the finish and how does it remove the marks in the paint.