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Hi all,
Bought my 07 plate e92 320i m sport coupe 5 months ago from an Arnold Clarke Dealership. Been back 3 times so far with same problem, also saw that in the service history it had been back to BMW with the same issue.
AC have replaced the parts FOC every time, but when my extended warranty runs out in 2 yrs i'll be up sh1t creek.
Also recently spoke to a friend who works for BMW and said they are fully aware of the fault, which was recently being discussed in Frankfurt only last week. He advised me to contact BMW customer services with the problems even though I didn't buy the car from a BMW dealer. I'll let you know what they come back with but I suspect it will be a load of cr@p!
Recently been looking at replacement cars (Audi, Merc) but I love my BMWs so much it pains me to do it! Never had any issues with my old E46 in 10 yrs and 120k miles!
We need action from BMW, they know about the problem, consumer action is the only way. There are hundreds of posts on this forum alone.
I've just written to watchdog - I suggest you all do the same.