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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
Glim is correct. Read the link. But to summarize: I accidentally discovered the pump low speed fault code in the ECU during another maintenance activity several months after it occurred. The first fault code showed up around 138,000 miles. I cleared them. The second instance of codes came up at around 145K (IIRC). I cleared them. Then the pump died on a 100 degree day about a month ago now, at 149,500 miles. The detail to all this is in the thread Glim referenced. I drive about 40,000 miles a year, so this all happened in the past 5 months or so.

My advice is if you discover the codes with a scan (using a BMW-compatible scan tool) change the pump soon after because it will eventually fail. I dissected my pump and can only surmise the failure is related to over-heated electronics. My pump spun just fine and the plastic impeller looked as good as new. The electronics smelled burnt. There was a fult code once the pump failed that said "Electronics - 77 Deg. C."

There is no warning when it is about to fail. It fails, the car overheats, the idiot lights light up. It's a great idea to have an electric water pump, but a poor design implementation on BMW's part.

Very dumb there is no type of warning. Going from a perfecting running car 1 minute, to an overheated-get the hell off the road-turn my engine off-car the next is quite scary. Just think about stop and go traffic on a major highway!

what solutions are there to the scan tool? I do not "mod" my car a lot, or track drive, or even drive that hard. I don't do a lot of work myself, but would like to keeps tabs on my car - and water pump. Is there a "cheaper" solution than buying a $200 scan tool just to read some codes? isnt there a way to hook up a laptop or something for much cheaper?

others that have had pumps fail, does the car act the same way? One minute fine, the next its overheating?
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