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I make this one point. The way the our system is set up with student loans, etc. Most docs tend to have school related debt well into their 30's.
Wouldn't it be easier to fix this root problem with the spiraling cost of medical education, than to have to endure ever-ballooning, spiraling healthcare costs in an attempt to handle the problem much later?

Having healthcare costs cover the problem of spiraling med school costs is like coming up with an expensive advanced solution to save millions of children from the brink of death due to late stages of Scurvy, instead of just making sure kids got enough vitamin C, so they never got Scurvy in the first place.
Higher education like universities and colleges shouldn't be socialized. I don't think people should have a right to college nor do I think health care should be a right. When those things become rights so will things like cars and houses. Obamacare actually does have a rule in it that takes your ability to get a student loan from a private bank. So now you have to go through the government if you want to get a loan to pay for college.