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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Higher education like universities and colleges shouldn't be socialized. I don't think people should have a right to college nor do I think health care should be a right. When those things become rights so will things like cars and houses. Obamacare actually does have a rule in it that takes your ability to get a student loan from a private bank. So now you have to go through the government if you want to get a loan to pay for college.
Private Banks never lent their own money as part of the program that was ended. The Banks were given GOVERNMENT money to loan out to students, and then they skimmed profits off of the top for themselves. It was another example of Private Banks who were Privatizing Profits, while Socializing Losses back to us taxpayers.

It cracks me up when you guys rail on about "Socialism", and in the same breath defend private businesses being handed gov't money to fund their private profits.

And it didn't end Private banks lending their OWN money. It just ended private banks from taking GOVERNMENT money and lending it to students. If you want a private student loan backed by private bank money, nothing is stopping you. Here is just a tiny sample of pages and pages of private student loan programs you can get:

I can see this is going to be yet another one of these threads where you post one factually incorrect post after another, with a dozen people having to correct your errors. Don't you ever get tired of being proven factually incorrect enough to take two seconds to fact check ANYTHING you blather?

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