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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
It will have to be amended to add back the public option. Fixed.
I am strongly against this, and I will tell you why. A public option will INEVITABLY lead to a completely socialized medical system.

As long as you have a public option that is available to all citizens, you put private insurers out of business. No private corporation can compete with the United States government, for obvious reasons; they cannot be bailed out, but the government fund can.

I really think people need to take a closer look at health savings accounts. Take a look at the Singapore healthcare system, and how effective it has been at providing national healthcare; everyone has healthcare, but it is privatized, and costs are controlled by empowering the customer (patient) as the payer.

And just so it's clear, I don't think we can completely privatize our healthcare system, either. There absolutely HAS to be a social healthcare net, to ensure that the disadvantaged/needy/poor have access to affordable healthcare. I just disagree with how monstrously large our current government healthcare schemes have become, to encompass such a large proportion of our population.