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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
As long as you have a public option that is available to all citizens, you put private insurers out of business. No private corporation can compete with the United States government, for obvious reasons; they cannot be bailed out, but the government fund can.
Why would people with perfectly good private insurance provided through their company (and paid in part by their employers) go out of their way to drop their insurance, and pay more (100% of their own premiums) into a gov't plan?

Do you think companies will be able to attract top talent if they stop offering competetive benefits packages, and tell people to take gov't insurance?

Do you think companies will give up their big tax deductions they get to take for offering health insurance plans to their employees?

If private insurance companies can't compete, even with these massive systemic advantages already provided to them, then perhaps private insurance isn't as good as it's been portrayed by health insurance lobbyists.

I think there is a massive problem with people confusing the US health CARE providers (docters, nurses, hospitals, etc) with US health INSURANCE companies. The two are not the same thing at all. The public option would use all the same doctors and nurses and hospitals, it is just the payment system that would change.

To be honest, I'd love to see our entire health INSURANCE system (who have never diagnosed a single patient, or provided a single ounce of health care directly to anyone) be replaced by a German-style private non-profit insurance system. We can have the world's best health CARE results without our current lousy health INSURANCE companies dragging us down like an anchor.