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Hey everyone,

First off, BRAND new to forum, and just got myself a 2006 330Xi in Arctic Silver color. Not my first choice of BMW sport color but it is much different than the white and black I see everywhere.

Secondly, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong spot, feel free to move my post to the appropriate location, just make sure I still know where to find it. =)

I have searched the internet and forums inside and out, and I couldn't find one spot to answer all my questions with confidence, so sorry if this seems over asked.

Now the questions part, I'll try to organize this as best as possible so many someone can just copy paste and fill in answers =D

1. What is the Sport Package on the 2006 330Xi exactly? Is my car lowered etc? I read somewhere Sport Package includes 18"... my tires are 225/45R/17 on front and rear. Did I get screwed by dealership?

2. I want to purchase 19" staggered wheels and tires. I have read that it is perfectly safe and fine to do on an Xi model, hopefully that is true. I have found a set of wheels in my local area, how do I know what size they are? I know they are 19". But I see people say 19X8.5 or 19X10 etc. Do I just measure the wheel across to get that number and then find suitable tires? I am meeting the guy soon so hopefully I can measure and get proper numbers.

3. What size wheels should a 2006 330Xi get, again I'd like 19" wheels, but 19X8.5 etc? Again, if someone clarifies what the "8.5" means I hopefully will have a much better understanding to this.

4. Once I have the wheel size, what size tires do I need for that wheel size?

5. I read on a post, that if I change out the wheels and tires, I still need to buy Run Flat Tires for the new set. I also read on the same post that new wheels and non run flat tires won't work with the Run Flat Tire system. Can someone verify this?

Lastly, thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. Please keep in mind that I really want 19" wheels and tires without a whole lot of hassle. I don't want any issues with the X-Drive, I don't want my wheels to rub the wheel well or fenders of any sort, and I'd prefer not to have spacers etc added to wheels, I also really don't want car errors with Run Flat Tires etc etc. I think everyone gets the point. I'm a student with a part time job and I'm so used to my $100.00 for anything done to a Honda Civic and getting this BMW is a great milestone for me! And I don't want to ruin it in anyway!

Thanks sooo much everyone!


PS, attached picture, this is the wheel set I wanted to purchase from someone locally. Does anyone have pictures or have opinions if the chrome wheels would suit my Arctic Silver/Metallic BMW? They are replica M3 Rims apparently, but he doesn't know what brand either, don't know if I can trust it? Asking price is $700.00 for all 4. Worth it?
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