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Two Warning Lights(yellow handbrake and DSC/DTC)

Hi all

New forum you can tell

Just purchased a 56 320d M Sport 30 days ago from a independent dealer with 6 months warranty

I drove the car out the garage last night to be faced with what seems to be the ever popular two warning lights on the dash

I have contacted John Clark BMW in Aberdeen who adivsed me that the hardbrake light in yellow is brake pads/discs need replacing, I dont know if this is correct

With regards the DSC/DTC yellow warning light I was told this could be several things

Does anyone have any idea if this would be covered in the 6 month warranty that I got from the dealership, I understand this is a random question but I need to be calmed down as I have read many posts about this problem and it seems to vary about cost and diagnosis

The car has only done 30K miles

Many thanks