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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
I agree completely with pman. Now 11 series, the individual option will inevitably lead to socialized and government run hc because insurance groups will have to take people that are way too expensive. So then costs will skyrocket for the insured and they'll drop out, making the government once again bring back Obama's original plan which has a governmental insurance. That insurance that the government will provide will kill off insurance companies because they'll be unable to compete.
Fortunately, I don't see a revised plan with the public option coming through the legislature anytime soon.

If Obama loses in '12, though, I hope Republicans take the issue seriously. We can't go back to status quo; reform is DEFINITELY needed, as our system is broken. But we can't nationalize our system, either.

Then again, after seeing the debt debacle, I really have no hope for any solution