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Originally Posted by krnboy817 View Post
i just stumbled on to this thread and just read the 2 pages of "debating". i just had to say...

i wonder if going to medical school was easy as going to junior college or mandatory as going to high school, people would actually go...? and if you cannot graduate, wonder if there will be something like GED just like for those who couldnt get a high school diploma.

There is a reason that there are strict standards for admission and completion of medical degrees. Physicians are empowered with a great deal of responsibility, which requires certain abilities, skills, and knowledge. Without these standards, you risk doing more harm than good in healthcare. Look back at the early 1900's and late 1800's, when any hackjob could become a surgeon. Those are not times I would like to return to.

but anyhow, people who are for "obamacare" should really consider one fact that bothers me. if all tax payers are presented with equal healthcare, then who is to say who needs more urgent care than the other? who is to say who needs longer or better treatment than the other?

will you the fatal cancer patient take a number and wait in line behind a cyclist with a scrap on his knees just to see a doc?

That's not how "obamacare" would work. As you can tell, I am quite strongly against Obama's healthcare bill. Nonetheless, this is just fearmongering. Triaging patients would not disappear simply because the government pays for care. Patients are always treated in order of need; that is rule #1 out of the book. You would likely see more of that, not less, with a government system, as there would be no discrepancy between private and government care. Instead, 'elective care' would be put on the backburner.

although healthcare "seems" pretty darn messed up currently but just like everyone says on this forum... "gotta pay to play"

i work for my self and i do not have healthcare. and just like everyone not being able to afford (including my self) HRE and BBS... healthcare is and should be the same way. NOT everyone can afford them, nor should they because thats how things are in the world.

Totally, 100% agree. Health care is not a right, it's your responsibility. If people are not empowered with taking care of their bodies, they will abuse them and the system. Look at the current obesity and diabetes epidemic in the U.S.; the vast majority of these people are where they are, and will become ill, due to their lifestyle choices. And yet, we are responsible for paying for their past indiscretions.

Until people take responsibility of their own health, we will continue to have an abused system. That's why an incentive system for being healthy is crucial.