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Why Insurance premiums are so high!!

Its not entirely down to fraud and uninsured on.

A couple of weeks ago somebody pranged my front bumper in the works car park - My car was unoccupied and considerately parked. The culprit owned up and admitted liability - He gave me his insurance details and informed his insurance company immediately.

The damage was minimal - The bumper was scuffed to the plastic and the mark was no more than 3 inches tall and about the width of a pencil - The next day I phoned his insurance company, they said there is no problem here and would fund the repairs. However I had a choice I could use their approved repairers which was about 4 miles from where I live, or I could use my own garage, however they would have to have the car inspected prior to them authorizing the repair (inspection not necessary if I used their repairer). Coincidentally my car was booked for a service at a franchise dealer the next day, I asked they quote for the repair also - They quoted 90. The damage was minimal and in such a place that smart repair could be affected. Problem being they could not book me in for a couple of weeks as busy. So on the off chance I popped into the approved repairer - Immediately they said the bumper needed a full respray - I love my motor and would never have it sold short, but even I though this was excessive. They even said that the wing would need sprayed also!! They said this was because the gloss had been chipped - I swear I could not spot this, when pointed out it was the size of a pin head!! Anyway, I did not argue and they said the car could be booked in next day and turned around in 3 days - So I went with this. The body shop is quite a large professional outfit. The insurance company then offered me a rental car at no cost to me, which I accepted - I was duly called by the rental company and told a 4x4 (like for like) would be delivered the next day. I said an Astra or a Mondeo type would be fine, but no the 4x4 was almost forced upon me.

Long and short of this is I'm happy as my car gets put back the way it was at no cost to me (only inconvenience) - However the total repair bill including car rental will total well over 1.5k for something a franchised dealer quoted 90.

The process and turnaround has been efficient, however the insurance company have clearly been butt probed by their own approved repairer and rental firm. Ultimately the punter pays. Left slightly bemused by the whole experience.