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Idnan, great to here the BT fix worked for you!!

Iíve now done 450 miles since I had the LVS adaptation reset, whilst the car is running a lot smoother the rough idle is still present and just as bad, no sign of improvement at all.

Itís looking like the BT cable fix is the ONLY known cure for this pita rough idle. Iíve been talking to some guys on N54TECH and people suffering the same rough idle are also confirming that Mr5ís BT fix has worked for them.

Steve, nice to see you also on n54tech, if your BT cable works on multiple cars it would great to borrow it for a day as you mentioned. Only ting is I live in Manchester so this could be difficult with you being in Somerset.

If anyone else is closer to Manchester and has a BT cable that I can use to run this update it would be a massive help to me. I could by one but not being that tech minded I prob wouldnít use it again so £300 is a bit of a sting

(Quisp) I would suggest you also try to find someone locally who has BT cable or just buy on eand run the fix yourself.