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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
When I say worked, I still have the slight shake that I had before but no where near as bad as it was when I had the plugs changed.

IMO the BT cable is a must if you're running a modified n54 (except JB4 users) as you need be able to investigate any issues if they come up. It's a shame that I bought a second hand one with only one VIN number left as I'm up Manchester quite often.

It might take a few days to fully adapt, how many miles have you covered since the reset?

I plan on keeping the car for another coupe of years at least so maybe it will be a good investment to get one anyway as you say.

Did you follow mr5’s to the letter and re-set all the below with engine switched off?

• Air Control Adjustment
• Throttle Valve Adaptation
• Fuel/Air Adaptation
• Secondary Air Injection Adaptation

It’s also important to run the car at between 2 – 2.5k for 5 mins and then leave to idle for 5 mins after the reset. Did you do this?