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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
the only thing about this system that I am not sure about is the rear of your car. I dont like the idea of my car stopping itself via any computer system.

I will give them props, they eliminated the risk of camera faults due to debris on the camera by putting it in the interior. I just would feel more comfortable with a camera system in the rear also monitoring the vehicles behind you.

So if the system detects a potential force stop from an object ahead, it will also begin scanning the rear for the vehicles behind that are not aware of whats going on.

As far as what commands to dictate to the vehicle if a rear collision is detected, thats a whole other thing to deal with. there are many ways to do it, either power up and go straight, or turn in an area thats safe....

what would be good is if the car can actually scan traffic 360 degrees, and always have "safe zones" mapped out (at least one) so the car not only can controll power (increase/decrease) but steer away from the dangerous situation by turning in a safe direction towards the safe zone.

This is one invention that needs to be heavily developed and tested before it hits the streets. the transponder idea is a shitty idea, waste of money. yeah, lets just get pedestrians to buy responders and keep it with them... i think not. lol.

If anyone should be the pioneers of this technology, it should be BMW. good luck, make us proud.
So to simplify what you are proposing... The system lets you run over the child in the street or swerves you into a head on collision with oncoming traffic so you don't get rear ended? I'd rather get rear ended.