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Originally Posted by Bimmer Al View Post
My 2010 has 24,700kms on it now and the OBC still reads 50,000kms to go for both front and rear pads. Granted I do drive alot of uninterupted hiway kms to work but the reading has not changed in 9+ months. At this rate my brakes will last 100k!

How many KMS until you had to make your first brake swap? Please provide details on driving style, use and if you track your car.

Thanks in advance!

Bimmer Al
okay let me do the math here:

just replaced my back pads (first time) 78k miles = 126k kilometers

my front pads have never been replaced and have 9mm thickness left. My CBS says 26k miles remaining so that would get my fronts to 104k miles = 167k kilometers.

I don't track my car. I do some spirited driving but pick my spots carefully and I'm probably not using my brakes too much.
My daily commute is 40 miles round-trip, steady speed for the most part; I relax and don't tailgate.