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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
11Series supports illegal activities. So if I were to buy crack and rob a store that would be fine as well since things that are considered illegal are not punishable anymore.
Yes, I absolutely do support illegal activities.

I support responsible speeding or hooligan driving done safely in safe locations.

I support folks lighting up at 410 if they have the cash to pay for or grow their own stash.

I support responsible under-age drinking, cuz I did it alot years and years ago.

I also have the balls to admit to I support illegal activities, instead of having a double-standard like some people do -- pretending to be all law-and-order, but only when OTHER people break the law.

As for robbing a store, THESE ARE EXACTLY THE FOLKS THAT THE DHS WILL BE FOCUSING ON DEPORTING!! So don't be stupid in saying I support armed robbery, when I just got done supporting the DHS's new policy that goes after armed robbers INSTEAD of the spouses of US Soldiers, and children who's PARENTS broke the law.

Maybe you should read the actual policy so you have a clue about what you are talking about: