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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Obama's losing support left and right and wonders how to get more voted. Well making a bunch of illegals legal should give him a new strong base. Screw it, let's just open up all our borders and throw away our constitution. Seems like we'll get there one way or another; it's just disgusting the way it's being done. Americans don't support this amnesty and neither does congress, but Obama and Napolitano do so screw what Americans think.

Let me be serious for a second. Do you really have some sort of reading disorder, like dyslexia or something? Because I would feel bad if you actually had some sort of learning disability and I kept hammering you about your utter failure to read and make factual statements. If so, let me know and I'll lay off.

Otherwise, thanks a lot for YET ANOTHER factually incorrect post, completely disregarding the actual policy.

Go READ The F**king Policy! It does NOT give citizenship to anyone who wouldn't be getting citizenship already. That means that this policy won't have ANY impact on allowing these people to vote. Do us a favor, and actually try to fact-check your drivel before posting. I even gave you the direct link you could have used to fact-check yourself.

Do you EVER get embarassed at being factually incorrect over and over and over again? Other folks here might have political opinions that others disagree with, but nobody here is just dead-flat wrong about the facts than you.

Now come back to reality. We've got two choices, which do you support:

1) We can focus our DHS resources on getting the terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers illegally entering the US that are actually a threat.


2) We can focus our DHS resources on hunting down and deporting the spouses and relatives of our OWN US SOLDIERS, and some kids who's PARENTS violated US law.

Which do you choose? Ball up and make the hard choices the DHS have to make if you are going to criticize their choice.

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