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Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve View Post
Steve left his tune on there. Wayne removed it.

We are working on getting the codes removed but not sure what else BMW have implemented as this is a relatively new procedure from them.

Offer applies to the 330d.
Cool, I think I may take the plunge. Can you do a special special offer and ship to France for the same price?

Just to clarify, did Wayne remove it before he went to the dealers, and use your device to remove the codes, or was the map left on with codes? Or is he not sure as he bought the car with the map from someone else?

Your site says .....

- Switch to standard or tuned map within 5 mins
- Easy to use
- Reads and clears fault codes
- Available worldwide

I guess there is always a chance BMW will develop new ways of detecting maps - I'm not that bothered about that - its a risk - but would just like to be clear whether you can remove codes with the switch unit?

I'm guessing "obvious" codes that could be left on during remapping may suggest a map being present, which would light up the dealer machine during a normal OBD plug in session (whatever that might be).
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