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Originally Posted by dsbj View Post

I'm considering running 255/40/17 square. I don't have wheels or tires yet. My understanding is you use/used this setup before. I'm attracted to it because 1) want a track specific setup 2) it's most likely lighter than stock 3) it's inexpensive in this size.

TR sells the RS3's for only $125 in this size. I'm hoping I can get a used set of wheels and get the whole thing for approx $1k.

Need your input. How did that work for you? Are you lowered? Any rubbing? (Note my mods below) Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.
That's a good price, you could buy the RS3s with K1s from TR and save on mounting costs to partially offset the new vs. used part.

I'm running 245/40/17 square and I couldn't be happier with the setup. Very balanced, predictable, light, tracks as if I'm on rails and no rubbing whatsoever (I'm not lowered). I'm on Kosei K1s with Dunlop Direzzas.

If I wrote somewhere 255 sorry, I meant 245. I wanted to go 255 but I was getting conflicting info on front clearance on the e92s. Later on I borrowed a front 255 set to try and they seemed ok at the paddock but never got to push them at the track surface.

If you have a way to test the 255s before buying, go for them. 245s will fit for sure.