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Originally Posted by setofvs View Post
Hi Luis,

Interested in a set for my E90 2008 335xi. Like previous posters have asked, do you expect to have a core exchange program anytime soon? Not sure if I can go a couple of days w/o driving, and as my car isn't garage kept, going to have to worry about rain. = (

Also, would you be able to get rid of the amber reflectors inside the headlights as well?

Please PM me a price and any solutions, thanks!



Originally Posted by Kevco View Post
Hey Luis,

I'd be interested in a set for my E90 pre-LCI and would like to know if you can change the headlamp to fit the look of the european style? I'd also like to know the cost & shipping time; i'm from Montreal in Canada

Plz PM me Thanks

Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
I am interested and wanting to get a quote.
How long in september does this sale go for.
PM please

Edit: Do you have picture of quad projectors too?
Through september then it will go back to $825.00

No images of quad projectors at the moment. Thats a special order. we can chit chat about it, but remember the inner beam has a function of cornering lighting and that will be eradicated with a cosmetic upgrade of that kind. I would redesign the circuit so it functions as extra high beams.

Originally Posted by JawjaDawg View Post

I see you're located in Miami. The chances of me having my car "down" will be near impossible, would it be possible to say make a trip down to your shop. Drop the car off for the day, I can find a local hotel and it would be ready the next?

I can make it a semi-vacation and take a trip down to south Florida as an excuse.
most definitely we have many clients that do this exact scenario.. you can drop the car off in the morning and well have it for you ASAP.

Originally Posted by import36 View Post
hey Luis....just a heads up....sent you an email the other day about the upgrade. thanks...(import36)