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Originally Posted by dsbj View Post
Question: how do you sync it with the video? Is it just a overlay in iMovie and you play with the timing does it have it's own software? How were those new tires on day 2? Feel better than the PS2? Inspire more confidence?
I'll do a full write-up like the PBox + RaceRender + GoPro one here:

But the short story is:
A) I used TrackVision for the video + dashboard + data integration (
B) sync is manual, if I had another camera I would do an audio sync with a rev or honk. Data is done based on start or movement in the video and the data manually.
C) tires felt great on both days, definitely focused on driver skill at this point and don't feel like I'm running out of rubber the way I was in April with the PS2s as evidenced in the video below