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Originally Posted by vgr02 View Post
Mpower .... I presume you have M monicas on your car too. Just because they are not on the boot is irrelivant because your car is plastered with them anyway. By using your logic then you would be in agreeance that BMW "THE COMPANY" are giving their M3 the ultimate insult.
Now this is an interesting train of thought! The ultimate insult is Mercedes Benz giving their engines to SSanyong Mussos so they could put "powered by Mercedes Benz" badges on the back. What a monumental business strategy disaster!

BMW use the "M" moniker for their motorsports division not only for factory mods and tuning but also on their "sports/ race inspired" aftermarket parts. This latter part is pure marketing to maintain BMW's sporty image (An "M" wheel or gear knob may look good, feel good or be better ergonomically but it won't really make the car go faster/better). I'm not sure BMW ever put an "M" badge on the back of any of their cars from the factory (asia or otherwise) if they were not an M3, M5 or M6.

Therefore, IMHO, the badge on the BACK of the car (have you noticed that the model delete option has itself been deleted?) should denote what is under the bonnet and nothing else. I say this because this thread is now a debate about BMW's use of the "M" moniker. I do not pass judgement on others (you can do whatever you like), but this is my 2 cents worth.

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