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Show off my Nav? Your real funny. Think the last thing anyone wants to show off is a factory option.

The reason I did this is because on the E92 one they do not make a "white bulb" or any after market bulb yet. Two the reason I did it was even if you do change the bulb, above it is a Orange LED that stays on all the time right above the signal bulb. Third even if you would cut the LED off and put a white bulb in at a good distance your headlights look like a blare since the bulb will be on and right next to the HID projector and you do not get that HID Projector good look as you do on other cars.

The reason I posted the video was because many attempts by other users has caused a error come on the dash and the iDrive, and because of guys like AviD who attack others threads so I showed some proof, rather then hearing "yeah right"