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Originally Posted by Stu667 View Post
I would like to know where we stand legally with this issue if the car is still under BMW warranty?

BMW's answer seems to be to keep changing the injectors/coils as and when they fail (mine has had nine injectors and eight coils in less than two years) but surely there has got to be some limit where they draw the line? I have been in correspondence with Myra Gray at BMW who appears to believe it is quite reasonable to repeatedly inconvenience customers as long as the work is carried out for free under warranty. The reasonable thing for BMW to do in my opinion would be to help their suffering customers into diesels, but this appears to be too much to ask, especially if you did not buy the car from a BMW dealer. I expect the main reason for this is to stop the floodgates from opening.

I am off to see a solicitor about this tomorrow, I will keep this topic updated.
Don't confuse BMW with a manufacturer that actually cares about it's customers !

Such a fuss about minor inconveniences such as your car braking down regularly (if you're anything like me, on the motorway late at night !) , dealers fixing immediate symptoms rather than root causes, wondering whether the slightest shake is sign of imminent breakdown and feeling that you've paid a lot of money for a heap of junk !

The truth is of course, that you don't really matter - you've only bought the cheap version of the car, so why would BMW care ?