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Originally Posted by DeFKnoL View Post
I have put this on the back burner. But my last status was that I attempted to mount the actual drive (not the mirrored one) and got the exact same results. I even put the mirrored drive into the car and it worked flawlessly so I am confident that using dd did indeed produce a perfect copy (as I expected).

I searched around for a driver for this filesystem with no luck. I even downloaded QNX and tried mounting it under tha and still got the same results. I tried all of the Wind River demos that I could with still no results.

My only assumption at this point is that BMW is using a proprietary format on these drives. Likely, the OS is in a chip in the CIC and it just knows how to read the data on the drives without even doing a conventional mount. I guess it would take some hardcore reverse engineering (beyond my current expertise) to read the data off this thing.
how to mirrored one new HDD?
use DD in linux? or use GHOSt in dos?