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How to sit properly

Hi guys,

I read Bob Bonduran's book on performance driving and I have a question. He mentions that it's best to sit as straight as possible. Is this true?

I sit rather slouched over. My butt is about 10 cm from the rear end of the seat cushion. I find this position comfortable, I have about a fist and 2 fingers height above my head (slouching a bit). If I straighten up with the seat in the same position I a)hit my head on the roof liner, b)can't see much out of the front window with the sunblind down (approx 1/2).

If I move the seat down, and then a bit forward (because moving it down causes it to go back a bit) I can straighten up. Again, I have about a fist and 2 fingers height above my head. I also have more room for my legs. However, this position feels weird, like I'm "drowned" in the car. The car no longer feels small. Maybe this is just because I'm not used to it.

My question: should I get used to sitting straight (because it's better in the long run), or remain slouched, because I think I can feel the car's size better?

To illustrate: