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Originally Posted by AW325xi View Post
Definately get used to sitting straight up with your backside against the back of the seat. Get the seat adjusted as low as you possibly can in the car, but are still able to see clearly. I'm 6'1" and have a longer torso so with the stock seats, I don't feel I'm low enough.
Remember also, your shoulder blade should be touching the seatback with your wrist being about to touch the top of the steering wheel at the same time. Adjust the wheel in or out to do this while being able to touch the pedals properly.

This position allows you to react quickly and keep the car in control. It's one of the first things the high performance driving schools will teach. If you're not seated properly, your first reaction is to move yourself forward in order to react to anything that comes up in front of you (i.e. avoiding something).
That reaction to get into the proper position is wasted time and you may hit whatever you're trying to avoid.
Thank you!

I do have some more questions though...

I was taught how to sit at the BMW Fahrer training in Munich, twice actually. Granted, it was a year ago, so I don't remember everything, but they said you should try to sit as HIGH as possible - with about a fist or so above your head. This seems to make sense, because it allows you to see the road ahead better (i.e. you can see closer to the car) - therefore, you can decide to dodge potholes, etc. more precisely. - maybe this is what you're saying, but it's hard to make sense of " but are still able to see clearly. ". Is approx. a fist height/10 cm to the roofliner acceptable?

Also, to "Remember also, your shoulder blade should be touching the seatback with your wrist....." - I like this, but I have a question. They taught us to do this at the BMW school, but I can't remember if they told us to do it with the shoulder blade leaning against the seatback. At the moment, I can do it by moving my shoulder away, but it feels comfortable and natural. I can also turn the wheel more than 180 degrees with my hands at 3 and 9. Right now, I think I have approximately a 120 or 140 degree angle in my arms. The wheel is almost completely "tucked in" to the dashboard - maybe 1 or 2 cm out. I think that if I move it further out, my hands will be bent too much? What do you think?

Also, what is the proper sequence for seat/steering wheel/mirror adjustment? I was taught (IIRC):
First seat height - fist above head
Then seat forward/backward - so that you can depress the clutch/brake/accelerator fully and still have a bend in your leg
Then seatback/lumbar support
Then steering wheel - wrist on top of wheel
Last mirrors.

any further tips welcome.