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Originally Posted by D_o_S View Post
I was taught how to sit at the BMW Fahrer training in Munich, twice actually. Granted, it was a year ago, so I don't remember everything, but they said you should try to sit as HIGH as possible - with about a fist or so above your head. This seems to make sense, because it allows you to see the road ahead better (i.e. you can see closer to the car) - therefore, you can decide to dodge potholes, etc. more precisely. - maybe this is what you're saying, but it's hard to make sense of " but are still able to see clearly. ". Is approx. a fist height/10 cm to the roofliner acceptable?
For driving on the track, this is one thing you should NOT be doing. You should be looking further ahead than closer to your car. Therefore, sitting "high" is unnecessary IMO. In every car I jump in, I always adjust the seat to the lowest position possible to give me maximum head/helmet room.
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