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Originally Posted by D_o_S View Post
Thank you!

I do have some more questions though...

I was taught how to sit at the BMW Fahrer training in Munich, twice actually. Granted, it was a year ago, so I don't remember everything, but they said you should try to sit as HIGH as possible - with about a fist or so above your head. This seems to make sense, because it allows you to see the road ahead better (i.e. you can see closer to the car) - therefore, you can decide to dodge potholes, etc. more precisely. - maybe this is what you're saying, but it's hard to make sense of " but are still able to see clearly. ". Is approx. a fist height/10 cm to the roofliner acceptable?

Also, to "Remember also, your shoulder blade should be touching the seatback with your wrist....." - I like this, but I have a question. They taught us to do this at the BMW school, but I can't remember if they told us to do it with the shoulder blade leaning against the seatback. At the moment, I can do it by moving my shoulder away, but it feels comfortable and natural. I can also turn the wheel more than 180 degrees with my hands at 3 and 9. Right now, I think I have approximately a 120 or 140 degree angle in my arms. The wheel is almost completely "tucked in" to the dashboard - maybe 1 or 2 cm out. I think that if I move it further out, my hands will be bent too much? What do you think?

Also, what is the proper sequence for seat/steering wheel/mirror adjustment? I was taught (IIRC):
First seat height - fist above head
Then seat forward/backward - so that you can depress the clutch/brake/accelerator fully and still have a bend in your leg
Then seatback/lumbar support
Then steering wheel - wrist on top of wheel
Last mirrors.

any further tips welcome.

That's the same thing that my instructor at BMW M- school told us...and his instructions were to sit as HIGH as possible.

I figure I am driving a BMW on the roads, not a Formula 1 car on a track, I'll go with what the instructor said for my day to day driving.
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