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Originally Posted by vwong View Post
For driving on the track, this is one thing you should NOT be doing. You should be looking further ahead than closer to your car. Therefore, sitting "high" is unnecessary IMO. In every car I jump in, I always adjust the seat to the lowest position possible to give me maximum head/helmet room.

I tend to change how far ahead I look, and I think everyone does too... When parking, I look at the end of the bonnet... when dodging a pothole at small speed I look at the pothole for as long as I can (i.e. follow the pothole all the way to the tip of the bonnet) and then calculate steering and throttle inputs. As speed increases I look about 50 - 100 meters ahead, etc... At night, I look at the very end of the headlight light (just where darkness starts).

The problem I have is when I move the seat completely down, it feels weird looking out of the side windows, and the car doesn't feel as comfortable any more (psychologically) - it suddenly feels bigger than it is.

Any other input welcome...

Found an article at trackpedia:
"The head should be about a fist's size (7-9mm) from the ceiling."

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