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Originally Posted by Blue Streak View Post
Did you use Centric posi-quiet? Are the semi-metallic or ceramic? Or the basic C-Tek? I am considering the posi-quiet semi-metallic or going with the OEM Textar pads. The dust doesn't bother me because I use a spray on wheel wax after every wash and they stay clean and shiny for up to 2 weeks.
yeah, I used posi-quiet. I'm not really sure if dust was reduced, cause about the same time I purchased another car, so I don't drive the BMW as much now. I did put a lot of drake quiet goo on the pads, so not sure how effect the shims are are alone.

I do still get some light squeal at times... have to be against a wall to hear it, but not as bad as before. Now I don't know how much of my squeal before was BMW pads and/or brake sensor. After changing my brakes I did still have a very noticeable squeal (with replacement sensors) and disconnecting them reduced it considerably. I did buy the cheap sensors though... i wonder if the higher priced ones would be better.