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Originally Posted by jeffvb9 View Post
Thanks for this DIY. Just did this over the weekend. Took 3 hours roughly but as others have stated could do it in under 1 hour after having done it once and knowing whats what. I didnt unclip the window and left it up the entire time. One thing I want to mention that was not in this write up is where to access the allen bolt to undo the exterior door lock. Its on the side of the door and you have to remove the circular plastic plug to see it. So I did take the exterior lock off which helps a TON. Its very easy to put back and honestly dont see how anyone could remove the actuator without removing this. I did unbolt the two 10 mm bolt that hold the bar that runs vertically with the tension wire behind it. I was able to move the bar in at the bottom enough to slide out the actuator. You can push on the bar a decent amount and more than you think to get it out. Those two plugs that are attached to the actuator that hold the wire in place are a freaking nightmare to remove. I broke one of them and got one out ok. All in all its pretty straight forward.
did you change your driver's side door actuator as well/ Just wanted to get idea which door it was. Thanks for the additional input on the exterior door lock tip.
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