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Originally Posted by fazman View Post
So I have 2008 335xi e90 and its a CPO with all the original programming. I just installed the OEM alarm (thanks to Tischer) which includes the hood switch, usis, & siren. I tested out that the interior protection will set off the alarm but the hood switch won't (didn't try tilt because it started to rain).

I have to go into the dealer soon for DME programming and HPFP recall inspection. With the DME programming... would that activate the alarm too? If i came to you to activate the alarm + comfort features... would all that get blown away when they do the DME programming?

Can you help us get the tools/software to be able to program/code the cars ourselves... so I can help spread some of the free love here in Central NJ?

There's a coding forum on here with all the info, you are most welcome to help me out