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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
Geez o man guys, you are acting like they sold you some rubbish you didnt want or misled you to buy something that didnt fit.
They did nothing like that here. If you dont like their pricing go somewhere else. Very simple... they aren't the only gig in town.

Almost like a personal vendetta against them or something.
A rep from **********s made a comment pertaining to Cobbs pricing and violating their agreement with them. Do you guys understand the risk behind that? If they compromise their agreements they can lose their license to sell Cobb.
**********s has been around for quite some time now, and maybe this is why. Other smaller and less credible companies will come and go and for this reason right here. They lose their integrity with their suppliers and go down the crapper because they have no one beating down their door to get them products.

I agree with getting the best price, I am known for it on here (lol) but if I dont get it from a vendor, I dont go and bad mouth them.... srs come on guys how old are we here? you work for **********s? I bet you do. Why do i need to care about their businesses? I am a consumer here that reporting for dishonest price. they will rip you off if you arent in the market for long enough. I have right to post this.