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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
Work for **********s... no.
Just a fellow enthusiast among the rest of you.

How is it a dishonest price?
They dont charge you 20.00 over the phone and hit 25.00 when charging you, they tell you pricing up front. You can decide to buy or not buy.

Listen I dont mean to try and tear you or your thread apart, but there are people on here who try and blame vendors for all their problems. When in reality, if the buyer just does a bit of research, they wont get burned. Like you... you knew better than to buy it for 800.00 so you didnt. I just dont get why you are so mad.
Can you link for the price below than 800 for cobb ap? When I serarched a bit 800 sounded fair since they said it is lowest price I can get. Well, then you are saying that we should never trust the price quote from vendor?