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rotor scratch after brake bed in?

Hi. I completed my first brake job this past weekend. New rotors and pads. I completed the bed in process as I understand it, and I have fine braking performance and no noise or vibrations at all.

However, upon visual inspection, 1 of the 4 rotors (the passenger rear), has a small scratch forming. I can feel the scratch with my finger and actually see it. As far as I know, I did the exact same thing with that pad and rotor as I did on the other 3. But clearly I'm a bit worried that there is a scratch/indentation forming after only about 30 miles of driving.

(I did notice that both rear rotors seem to be receiving more pad texture build up closer to the center of the rotor than to the outside. The fronts appear to be receiving a more even coat of the pad.)

Any ideas of what this could be? Is there an adjustment I should make with that pad before driving more? Maybe there was something on the pad I didn't see when installing it that's causing this?

Thanks for your help.