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Originally Posted by JunkStory View Post
Thanks for posting the complete parts list, Tim!

Total cost from Tischer for these parts is $5920 (for E92). You could probably save a ton by getting replica M3 mirrors, sourcing used bumpers/hood from the forums/ebay, or from a local wrecked E92 M3. The biggest cost is the hood! Other than painting, and welding the rear quarter panels, this can be a summer DIY project.

One thing that this list doesn't include is the exhaust, which can also be found easily.
Yeah, u also right!

5000 euro- i ment an amount together with work and painting I'm actually saved not a bad thing)
Originally Posted by notabug View Post
well said. I like the look of the m3 body most, I'm just not brave enough to take the action to do it. well done. I'm likely happy enough to just have some minor mods.
Can you tell when you say CSL style trunk, do u mean you purchased the original CSl style trunk for M3 and just put it on your 335? it bolts onto 335? I have a LCI 335 e90.
Originally Posted by triggz View Post
you're absolutely right, 95% of the body kits out there look horrible.
you don't want your car to be an M3 yet you did almost everything to make it look like one lol
once again it looks sick! but I just think it's a little too much m3 for me
you couldve went mtech with a vorsteiner hood, or m3 front/sides with mtech rear and vrs hood. which imo is the best look - m3 front/sides mtech rear vrs hood

i sometimes regret my quad exhaust because every tom dick and harry thinks my car is an m3 and i hate that
I respect your opinion guys, thanks!