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Originally Posted by viper4321 View Post
hi all, just starting with this stuff, i've read alot of this thread but not all so please forgive me if this has been addressed before. though now i'm afraid i got the wrong cable i my cable is clear, not black in color. i got it from a seller in canada, it was linked at this website under the cable to purchase. that link is now dead for some reason, i just bought this a couple weeks back. this is the cable and seller anyway on to the issue, i followed the setup on the first few pages. inpa works somewhat, i can few the engine live data and stuff, though thats the only module that works, the airbag test fails. ncs fails every time with a coapi-2020 error. any ideas? depsite that i'm afraid i'll have to buy another cable. thanks oh car is a 2003 M3, so little older then most in this thread. may have something to do with it?
Try using the latest daten files EXCEPT the files in the ECU folder. I've found that some modules on my car are only readable when using the ECU folder from the most recent daten, and some are only readable when using the original ECU folder that came with the NCS Expert package I downloaded.
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