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Buying was pretty straightforward... Bavarianx and some other places had it for right around $650 (list is ~$750 IIRC). My only issue with the buying was that the BavarianX guy said "I'm going to give YOU a very special price" which was actually a tad higher than listed on the web site, and then explained it as "That's because the price on the web site is wrong... this is the right price, but I"ll give you special two-day shipping"... but it was actually sent by ground and took a week to arrive. Not a huge deal in my case, but just a little odd. It wouldn't keep me from ordering from them again, but I might ask a few more clarifying questions.

Install was very simple -- found a good place locally to install that had strong Yelp reviews. Quotes for install ranged WIDELY, from $650 down to $250! Interestingly, the larger places were typically the ones that were priced very high -- they never do suspension work (and you can bet they've never seen an FSD before), and basically live off of inspection, oil change, and tire fees. You can tell they have no idea about suspension work because they'll look up the book for shocks and say it takes 6 hours to change them, at their hourly rate, so you get $600+. They are obviously incompetent.

The smaller places that are dedicated to performance tuning / modders / racers know that a shock swap is pretty easy, and price accordingly. Takes about 2-3 hours. And it's nice to have someone with prior experience working on your shocks installing them on your car.

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