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cdgatti: totally agree! The community was very helpful, and that makes me want to do a good write-up to share that info so other people can benefit.

It reminds me of many years ago when I was trying to decide whether to get sport suspension with my E46, worried about ride quality. It's another easy choice once you've felt it and know it's not a big problem. Koni FSDs are the same way, IMHO.

Ride height seems almost exactly the same. Honestly I don't care a whole lot about that, though I understand why some people want it lower. I save the lowest cars for my drawings, but in real life, I value the comfort so much more. Also depends on the roads each person drives on.

Given the right conditions, I'm sure there will be some oddness with FSDs. Possibly a certain frequency of bumps, or a certain variation in frequency of bumps. But that would be some tiny patch of road in the world, whereas the rest of the time they are great.

I will be taking them out for a longer drive soon, and will report back when I do. Also can't wait to take them to a certain deserted test area that I use, to see how they do under pressure.

Highland Pete: Thanks for the info. Good to know they last! The warranty also gives me peace of mind. Hopefully they will honor it if the time comes.
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