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gizmo: Heh, I think the Tirerack review (though with an E46) nails it:

In the test, the car goes from 6.80 to 7.39 in ride comfort and 6.49 to 7.65 in overall track rating.

I think the scale really isn't quite linear in the sense that you can't really ever get to 8 or 9 in a realistic way. So the .6 improvement in ride comfort (almost 10%) feels like more than that. The 18% improvement in track rating also matches what I'd say... it's sharper, but not razor sharp. But it's great for me because I am very biased in the direction of comfort now.

I just don't care for all the jolts and bumps, and I want my passengers to be comfy too.

Thanks for the info about your shocks being about the same after 10K miles. That's good to know!