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Originally Posted by iflyjetzzz View Post
My wife and I like nice things but we're also cheapskates. Part of that balancing act means getting the most for your money. Sure, you could just leave your car with the dealership and have everything done but I'll bet you get everything done for no more than 1/3 the quoted cost.

That's a great deal on the Potenza tires; good choice in a high perf all season tire. If you've got RFT right now, you'll notice a BIG difference in smoother feel and quieter drive.

Rims. The rims Queensfield linked to are a good deal but note that they are 17". That would match your current rims if you have the sport package but if you have the base package, you've got 16" rims. If you decide that you want to go with aftermarket rims, this would be a good time to do that.
This may be your exact rim if you've got a base sedan (you'd just need to add center cap from the old rims):
Don't forget salvage/junkyards along with Craigslist and ebay. And I wouldn't limit myself to locally.
This may be a thing that it'd be better to ask a good independent mechanic to locate for you. Just tell them you're looking for a cheap solution. My daughter's mechanic found an inexpensive hubcap for her VW recently through a junkyard.
I don't know the best way to determine whether or not a rim's bent so you may want to look on the internet for advice on that.

True that on being Cheap Skates
Not able to find a good Indy Mech near my area.
But will definitely look into the junk yard option.
I have a base sedan ..
Is there any way of getting those 17 inch rims on my car.
Its too good for the price. But If i do that I don't know what would be the tire size i need to go for.

Would 225/45R17 be the right size ?