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Originally Posted by iflyjetzzz View Post
Ah, you're still having problems working the google on the internet machine. (paraphrasing Chazz on Blades of Glory)

Here's from my quick search:

Out of those 3 links, you should have several good choices. Investigate the ones from the first link, as it's a bit older and you should be able to find other comments about the mechanics on the internet.

As far as the 17 inch rims, yes you can make them work. Easily? I don't know. I'm not into tires/rims; I just stick with stock rims. Did my rim link not look like your current rims?
considering the fact that I work in the technology industry .. SHame on me
I think I have all the information I needed ... The first link itself has some good indy mechanics recommended ..
Yes the rims look exactly like the ones I have .. But thought if i am changing my RIMS might as well give my car a new look ..

Thanks much guys .. E90 Post rocks.
Gotta love the times we live in .. So much information FREEEEEEEE