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Fisrt attempt at detailing plus just fitted blacklines...phew!

Ok then Had a busy day so far.

I received the Blacklines that i ordered from some BMW dealership from germany. They really are easy to fit. I followed the advice in the DIY section and it took less than 30 mins to do.

Then i set about my first ever attempt at a full detailing job.

All of the gear i used was AutoGlym.

1. Active insect remeover
2. Body work shampoo and conditioner
3. alloy wheel seal
4. Clean Wheels
5. First glass
6. Ultra Deep shine
7. Extra gloss protection

I also used

8. 2 buckets
9. Microfibre wash mitt
10. microfibre polish applicator
11. microfibre polish mitt
12. cotton cloths
13. microfibre towels

I first washed the wheels withe the clean wheels used a soft tooth brush and the wheels came up spottless.
then i rinsed the body work down with the hose to get brid of the grimey film and contineued to wash the car using the 2 bucket method an the wash mitt.
I then rinsed the car and towel dried it
Then i used the insect repelent and the first glass the remove the stubburn stain then i washe the car down again a d then dried it again.

Then to the hard work i decided to hand polish as i dont know how to use a machine polisher and ive heard horror stories about rubbing the paint off.

Used the polish applicator and the ultra deep shine and polished the entire car. ithen left the polish to haze for 30 mins while i cleaned the internal glass
and the dash with the first glass.

I then buffed the car and i came up to a very deep shine. At this point i was getting very knackerd, guys hand polishing id fucking hard work
I the decided to apply the exta gloss protection so again polish the entire car using microfibre cloth the left it to harden for 30 mins and used the polishing mitt to buff up to all i can say is an AMAZING shine.

I am very pleased with my handy work.

Check out the reflection in the pictures

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