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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
I cringe at people who say this. Why does it matter? If someone wants to buy a truck and never once put something in the bed, so what? Why should that matter to anyone?

You seriously should find better things to cringe at than that.
I was going to type out a logical response but then I saw you were from Texas. No sense in wasting my time. This is why I hate America.

Originally Posted by blipit View Post
If you live in a beach community in Socal, everyone has a truck to fit their surfboards. High school parking lots are full of lifted trucks.

Also great for those Home Depot trips. You don't realize how useful a truck is, until you own one and all your friends are asking to use it to haul their sh*t.
Roof racks? Rent a truck for the 4-5 times a year you might need to go to Home Depot and save yourself an extra car payment and gas. And tell your lazy friends to do the same.