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My X5d tows my spec miata to the track.

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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
You know what's funny? People are giving high praises to Cobb which are mostly well deserved, but ONLY a few of us have actually been able to compare GIAC to Cobb. I wonder what will some of the people who switched from piggybacks to Cobb say when they drive an FBO GIAC Stage 2 car...

I know from personal experience the difference between Stage 1 on Cobb and GIAC... Cobb is like an unrefined moon shine: it gives you the kicks but its a bit of a wild ride (throttle closures galore) as to where GIAC is more like a fine aged scotch: not as powerful but has outstanding drivability on the street and on the track.
WHatever dude. I have zero throttle closures with COBB on every map that I've used - on two different 335xis. I've got a stock car now and no troubles. I don't disagree that some experience throttle closures but I would bet anything they're caused because of breathing mods or some mechanical issue and not the tune.