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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
So check this out:

Running v3.00 firmware and 93 octane map. Cruising normally on 6th gear on the highway on my way to botanical gardens. All of a sudden, there was a pop, the engine went into limp mode and the brake light came on the dash. I pulled over and with the engine idle-ing the rpm needle was wobbly - going down to 400 rpms and jumping up to 1000 rpms.

I shut off the engine, I popped the hood, inspected all the plumbing I could see and everything was normal. I started the car back again and everything was fine.

Came home, plugged the BT tool in and I pulled the following information out of the ECU:

Note the major difference between the nominal and actual torque values.

I don't know about what you think or believe, but Cobb has some serious work ahead of them.
You do realize what caused this though right? The throttle in not linear, in some cases going 50 percent throttle in a high gear will go wot, no one wants to ever load up a car like that.

You want to start listing where GIAC needs improvement? Cause that list is alot longer

1. It slower
2. You can't install it
3. You can't log with it
4. You can't clear codes with it
5. You have to pay for additional maps

Like I said many times, personally i dont care about staged maps, the only thing I personally care about is the release of ATR