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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
You do realize what caused this though right? The throttle in not linear, in some cases going 50 percent throttle in a high gear will go wot, no one wants to ever load up a car like that.

You want to start listing where GIAC needs improvement? Cause that list is alot longer

1. It slower
2. You can't install it
3. You can't log with it
4. You can't clear codes with it
5. You have to pay for additional maps

Like I said many times, personally i dont care about staged maps, the only thing I personally care about is the release of ATR
+1. Glad you are liking GIAC but you got ripped off. When ATR comes out and all of our cars are running better/faster than yours then you will want to sell it and get Cobb. Oh can't. Oops. That money is gone forever

So add #6 to that list: Resale value. I bought my cobb for $750 and I'll probably sell it for $700 when I'm done