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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
You do realize what caused this though right? The throttle in not linear, in some cases going 50 percent throttle in a high gear will go wot, no one wants to ever load up a car like that.

You want to start listing where GIAC needs improvement? Cause that list is alot longer

1. It slower
2. You can't install it
3. You can't log with it
4. You can't clear codes with it
5. You have to pay for additional maps

Like I said many times, personally i dont care about staged maps, the only thing I personally care about is the release of ATR

Dude, save it. I respect your technical knowledge and the amount if info you are contributing here, but I think you don't know what you are talking about.

I was CRUISING in 6th gear. Not accelerating, not slowing down, I was maintaining constant speed. How much do you need to press the gas pedal on your car to keep it cruising? On mine: barely! That's not even 50% throttle. Probably under 20%. Shiit, the car idles at 11% throttle angle.

1. Poor driveability on the track. Impossible to modulate the throttle correctly when coming out of a corner. Imprecise power delivery and boost control.
2. Lots of people seeing throttle closures.
3. Lots of people seeing DTCs and all kinds of other weird issues.
4. Can't switch maps instantly. Must turn off engine.

1. Yes you can log it. Use a BT tool and it logs everything for you.
2. Yes you can clear codes with it. Use BT tool to do everything you need.
3. Instant map switching with the hand-held switcher.
4. ZERO, ABSOLUTELY ZERO complaints from every single GIAC user.

In all honestly, so fucking what that GIAC is bit slower than Cobb!! It's driveability is MILES above it. When it comes down to driving on the track, I am willing to bet you anything that a good driver with a well sorted tune will perform a lot better than the same driver with a choppy unrefined tune.

When are you people going to learn that 1/4 mile runs and dyno numbers DO NOT tell the whole story!

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